Starting Online Blog? – And How To Stay Sane

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I started my blog because I was bored.

From day one I got extremely excited and passionate about this new journey.

The platform that I chose to try it out offered a trial period with a great training.

I created my new website on day one of the training by following simple instructions.

This is the day when my obsession started.

For about a month I was living and breathing my new blogging website.

It was then, I realized that this new passion has the ability to make me go insane.

I forced myself to find a way to create balance in my life and explore how to stay sane.

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Discovering My New Passion

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Before My blogging journey started, I was bored for a while.

I was searching for something new and exciting to occupy my time and my mind.

I stumbled upon the platform by accident and decided to give it a try.

That decision changed my life.

If you have ever discovered a new hobby or passion, you might know what I’m talking about.

I have never felt like this before.

The only thing I can compare it to is starting a new job and just getting totally absorbed by it.

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My Mind Could Not Handle Being In This Elevated State Of Mind

As exhilarating and thrilling this is, my mind could not handle being in this elevated state of mind and I started feeling mental and physical fatigue after about a month.

I wish I had the common sense to know to pace myself when I started my blogging website.

My entire life become about the website. I was training like crazy, just soaking up the knowledge. I forgot to eat and I sometimes forgot to sleep. The thrill of learning and working on my website and composing new posts was too addictive.

And then one day my body said NO, I woke up and I could not move. I wanted to, I wanted to get to my precious website and work on it but my body said NO.

That’s when I knew that I better find some balance or this new exciting passion will destroy me.

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What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

“Once you’ve committed yourself to something, pace yourself to the finish line.” – Meb Keflezighi

There are number of things I wish I knew before I started blogging.

# 1 Blogging Takes Time

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Blogging Takes Time

Of course I knew that but somehow I forgot about it.

Now when I think about it, I can’t remember what was the rush for?

Why was I so hard on myself?

I knew that consistency is very important so I created an insane publishing schedule and I was sticking to it.

But all I had to do was to adjust my publishing schedule to a comfortable level and that would have eased of the pressure.

#2 Don’t Create More Than One Website At First

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Don’t Create More Than One Website At First

A few weeks after I started my first website, I saw a potential for a second niche so I created another website since the platform I use allows up to 50 websites for the same price.

I don’t regret creating the second niche website but I have done it way too soon.

I was still on a very steep learning curve when it comes to blogging, writing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, building a website, social media and many others. Creating the second website put incredible pressure on me. Now my already very ambitious publishing schedule doubled

I wish I gave myself more time before jumping into it as it nearly drowned me.

#3 Social Media Aspects Of Blogging

This is the part that I had no idea about.

This is the part that I still like the least.

I love crating content, I love working on my website but I do not love using social media to promote it.

I did not realize how much of my time will be consumed by first learning how to use social media for business and then working with it to promote my blogs.

Social media aspect has to great of an impact for me to ignore it even though I do not enjoy it.

I’m hoping, as I get better at it, I will learn to love this aspect as well.

#4 Quality Over Quantity

The insane publishing schedule that I crated for myself for my two blogs nearly killed me.

What was I thinking?

hand writing "quality" with a pen
Quality Over Quantity

I knew quality over quantity and consistency was the key, why did I push myself to publish every day or every send day?

Looking back, I have no idea what was going through my mind.

Probably the only thing that was going through my mind was panic and fear that I will not publish on time.

Not the ideal way to start an amazing journey, but I have learned my lesson and I know better now.

As I eased of with the crazy ambitious publishing schedule, my posts became of much better quality as I have more time to focus on each.

#5 Obsession Over Images

I’m not going to downplay the importance of images in your blog, but I think my perfectionism went into overdrive mode.

I would search for days until I found the perfect images.

I always promised myself that the second my blog starts earning money, the first investment will be in paid images but for a very long time I was force to use the royalty free images.

They are amazing but finding the right ones took really long time.

Images are still very important but there comes a point where I stop searching for the perfect ones and use my second or third choices.

I like my images to tell a story by themselves. So, if someone was just to look at the images in the post along with their descriptions, they would get the main points of the post.

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And How To Stay Sane?

“Your freedom as a writer is not freedom of expression in the sense of wild blurting; you may not let rip. It is life at its most free, if you are fortunate enough to be able to try it, because you select your materials, invent your task, and pace yourself.” – Annie Dillard

There are some specific things that I could have done to stay sane from the start:

#1 Take Breaks

As basic as this sounds, the importance of regular breaks is enormous.

If you are like me then taking a break is hard.

Literally schedule them into your calendar and as you would an appointment, and then don’t ignore the appointment.

A break means a break.

A break does not mean you will just watch a training video or post something related to your blog on Facebook or Instagram.

#2 Find Balance

I know it’s very exciting to find something that interests you so much.

But balance is crucial always.

No matter how much we enjoy the activities, we need to give our minds and our bodies a break.

zen, three stones, water, light
Find Balance

At the same time, do not neglect the other aspects of your life. Just because you found your new passion, there are other components of your life that require your attention.

Finding balance will look different to everyone.

No two lives are alike so there is not a universal formula for a balanced life.

Play with it and see what feels comfortable.

If you feel comfort in doing what you are doing, you have found your balance.

#3 Exercise

This appears to be common sense but I forgot all about it.

I got so absorbed into my blogging that I wouldn’t move for hours.

Very quickly my body retaliated. I started having major pain in my neck. Nothing helped until I learned to incorporate simple exercise routine for myself.

Having an exercise routine and sticking to it will give your brain a does of oxygen and your mind a very needed break.

You will move your body and get better circulation.

Do not skip this important part.

#4 Create Comfortable Publishing Schedule

Blogging is mainly about your posts and quality content but don’t get too ambitious.

There are no shortcuts in blogging.

This is a long term commitment and crazy publishing schedule will not change that but it will make you go crazy.

Take your time, enjoy the process of creating your amazing website with quality content.

Pick a publishing schedule that is slightly challenging but comfortable.

#5 Use To-Do Lists

gray felt organizer, to do list, flower
Use To-Do Lists

To-do lists do can do wonders for you.

This part I did do right.

From the very start I created all sort of to-do lists, check-lists, spreadsheets and got a notebook.

I learned long time ago that if you do not write things done, like a new idea, a question, a to-do task, you will carry that around in your mind.

Once you write it down, you can empty your mind and leave it open for other important things.

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I hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you know how to stay sane when you first start blogging and when the new passion tries to overtake your entire life. You can either do this the right way from the start, or ignore the advice and continue going at an insane pace until your body and mind will retaliate and force you to make changes.

I wish I followed my own advice from the start, because now when I look back I see a very stressful period of time when that was the beginning of a new journey and I just wish I had more pleasant memories. It’s ok, I have learned my lesson fairly quickly and now I can only warn my fellow bloggers not to go that slippery road.

Please leave you questions, comments, suggestions below.


  1. Christopher Edwards says:

    I also recently started a new blog and I know the feeling of being totally absorbed in it! I liked hearing your perspective on things. There are lots of great tips in here that I am going to use for myself in the future. Hopefully with time like you said, quality of quantity,  my skills will improve like yours have. Thank you for the information.

    1. Anna says:

      Hi Christopher, thank you for your comment. I know it sometimes doesn’t feel like that but trust me, you are getting better with every post that you create. This field is very tough, there is so much info that we need to learn to become successful bloggers. I really enjoyed learning all of the new stuff to a point where I got too lost in it. Now I know that nice and steady does it. 

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