Organizing Your Home Office Ideas – That Inspire Productivity

Organizing Your Home Office Ideas

Whether you have a home based business or you are temporarily working from home, if you can learn how to design a home office space that inspires productivity, it will make it easier to achieve your goals. Let’s explore organizing your home office ideas that will motivate you to do a better job and spark new excitement.

Organizing Your Home Office- No More Excuses

Organizing Your Home Office- No More Excuses
Organizing Your Home Office- No More Excuses

I know what you are thinking…

I wish I had a spare room that I could use for my home office….

I wish I had a bigger place…

I wish I had a better view…

But wishing is not going to give us what we need and want right now.

So, let’s leave wishing for daydreaming and focus on what we have to work with.

Wishes vs. Reality

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” —Bruce Garrabrandt

leave wishing for daydreaming
Leave Wishing For Daydreaming

We all have seen pictures on social media and other places with gorgeous home offices the size of our entire home, or with views that one can only dream about. Forget about those for now. Do not worry and do not let yourself think that there is no use and that you could never have a dream  home office.

Because that is not the case.

It does not matter how small your place is or how dark or whatever else you think is wrong with it… together, we can look at ways of making a little corner of your home your perfect dream home office.

If we forget everything else, and just focus on what is important and doable and if we follow some simple instructions, in no time we can have an amazing home office space that we will love spending time at.

Honestly, do not worry about lack of space. There was a time when I made a home office out of my laundry room. My washer, dryer, and a sink were still there but with a clever design you can cover them when you use the space as a home office during the day and in the evening it becomes a laundry room again.

And guess what, I loved my little home office

So let’s look at some fundamental aspects of designing a home office space.

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Organizing Your Home Office Ideas

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” —George Bernard Shaw

There are some things that we need to keep in mind when we are planning a home office space:

1. Functionality

No matter what style or design of the home office space you decide to go with, functionality has to be its main objective. If you create a beautiful office but it does not make sense because it’s next to the kitchen where your family spends most of their time, this might not give you the necessary privacy and quiet time to focus.

Assess your needs first and keep them as your main focus when you are planning your home office.

2. Brightness/Light

You will need light, lots of light. Light is essential because it boosts our productivity. Light also makes us happy and when we are happy we have more energy. Natural light is best but if your office is located in a dark basement, no worries, there are multiple solutions for that as well. You can get a light therapy lamp for your home office space that simulate natural sunlight. You can pick your favorite style to match your office décor and enjoy the benefits that the simulated natural sunlight will provide.

3. Ergonomic and comfortable design

You will be spending a lot of time in your new home office, we need to make sure that your back and neck do not pay for a poorly design seating arrangements. Take into consideration some basic ergonomic principles when planning the desk and chair. Make sure that you can adjust it to your body type and working style.

4. Reflect your unique personality

Reflect your unique personality
Reflect Your Unique Personality

Here is your chance to express your unique personality. Pick a decorative theme that will guide you when you are picking individual pieces that you like. You do not want to end up with a mismatched collection of your favorite items that do not make sense together.

Regardless of what theme you decide to go with make sure you incorporate some greenery. Plants provide a lot of benefits to your body and mind while at work. They increase your productivity and creativity and help with relieving stress.

5. Prepare one wall for virtual meetings

You will most likely have to participate in some online meetings, make sure that you have complementary lighting and a professional looking wall that will be your backdrop during your virtual meetings. If you want to make a stylish statement you can incorporate the following ideas:

  • You can use some removable wallpaper
  • Have some floral arrangements ready to brighten up your background
  • Use wall accents and decals to make a statement without taking up too much space
  • Try rustic floating shelf to display books, plants, or other statement pieces
  • Invest in a lighting kit to enhance your on-screen look by adding natural looking light

6. Welcoming but not too cozy

You want nice and welcoming office but not too cozy so you keep falling asleep instead of being productive. Make it fresh and crisp to keep you alert and inspired.

7. Temperature

Ensure that the temperature is just right. Too hot will make you feel sluggish and too cold will be uncomfortable as well. Use portable fans and heaters to achieve the optimal temperature for your home office.

8. Noise and distractions

Working from home will be an adjustment for you and your family. You might need to start with setting some boundaries. Investing in technology such as high quality earphones and microphones will help with noise levels and distractions. Make sure your office in not located near the utility closet where all sorts of things (boilers, furnace, a/c, water softeners) turn on and make lots of noise during the day.

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Some Clever Ideas For Your Home Office

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” — Albert Einstein

  • use patio furniture (revive old patio table or repaint the iron garden chair for the décor)
  • install a shelf with brackets to make a desk
  • use an old picking bench
  • hide your desk in a cupboard
  • use under the stairs space for your office
  • use a dressing table as a desk
  • make a compact office in a walk-in closet
  • use the landing area as a home office
  • use curtains to separate and cover the home office area

Word Of Caution

“Creativity is… seeing something that doesn’t exist already. You need to find out how you can bring it into being ” — Michele Shea

We might be tempted to think that this is just temporary and we do not need to go through the trouble of designating a space for your home office. But there are risks to not having a properly designed home office space while working from home:

working on a couch can give you back injuries
Working On A Couch Can Give You Back Injuries

– back injuries

This is the most obvious one. If day after day you spend cramped on your couch, your back will not thank you for it. The prolonged bad posture while working can result in some serious back and spine problems.

– eyes problems

This is the next obvious one, if you continue working in poor conditions at home, your eyesight might suffer. Insufficient lighting or the positioning of your computer monitor can, and over time will, adversely affect your eyesight.

– mental concerns

If your working space is not properly design your productivity as might suffer. Distractions and the stress from not having properly designed and isolated office space can take a toll on your well-being in general.

– lack of structure

If you take the time to design a home office it will provide a structure to your life. You will be able to separate your working life from home life. Without that structure you might feel like your work never ends. This might result in a brain fatigue and burnout.

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Let’s Do It!

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent van Gogh

No more excuses, get up and walk around your house.

No more sitting on the couch or at the kitchen table.

Walk around your home with an open mind and a creative focus.

Look with fresh eyes.

Find a space that will serve the function of a home office space and use the above tips to create a dream home office for yourself. Your body and your mental health will thank you for it.


I hope you have enjoyed the article. I hope it has inspired you to make your dream home office. Please share your stories of how you have designed your own home office. Please share some pictures, we would love to see what you we able to create for yourself. Any questions, or suggestions, please leave them below.


  1. Cogito says:

    Hi Anna. Thank you for great article. With covid and all related stuff Im working home more then ever and Im still not convinced if I was able to created perfect working conditions. Your post is very helpful, and your advices and recommendations are not only useful but also practical and realistic (If I would have place for my own office it wouldn’t be a challenge). Looking forward to test them in practice, and hopefully my efficiency will increase.

    1. Anna says:

      Hi Cogito, I have faith in you. I’m sure with a little bit of a creative spark you can turn some underutilized corner of your home into a nice little office. The benefits of having that designated space will outweigh the initial efforts in creating one. And you are right, if we all had spare rooms that we could turn into our home offices, this would not be a challenge at all. But we are where we are and we have what we have, but we can still achieve a great working space.

  2. Gaurav Gaur says:

    Hi Anna
    Thanks for sharing your views on the how to setup a home office with a slight initiative and a lot of unused creativity. As you correctly said, we need to keep apart the excuses and work sincerely if we really want to convert some unused or frequently used area of our house into an attractive home office. Your tips are really awesome and my mind has already started working on few points you mentioned in your article.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Anna says:

      Hi Gaurav Gaur, thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found the article useful. It’s very easy to find all sorts of excuses but if we can get a bit creative, we can design a really nice and functional home office for ourselves. Some of my friends have been working from their kitchen tables for month. At the same time there are  have many unused corners in their houses where they could very easily set up a nice home office. Some people just need a little push to get going in the right direction.

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