How To Pick SEO Keywords – A Guide For New Bloggers

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When I first decided to start my blogging website, I had no idea the steep learning curve that will occur.

I just assumed that I will happily write about subjects and topics that interest me and others will gladly read it.

Oh boy, was I ever wrong?

One of the first things that I had to learn was how to pick SEO keywords so that my posts would be indexed and then rank high in the search engines.

I was very lucky indeed, as the platform that I chose to start my logging website with has an excellent training teaching members how to picks SEO keywords. They made me understand that if I want my blog posts to be ready by anyone, I have to learn the rules of SEO keywords.

I really hope that you were just as lucky, and you have a good understanding of the im[importance of picking the right SEO keywords and also how to go about doing that.

But if not, don’t worry, my guide to picking the SEO keywords will explain what you need to know.

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What are SEO Keywords

SEO keywords are single words or complex phrases that the audience uses when searching for something.

So think of a time when you are looking for an information on something and you type it in Google search engine.

SEO keywords are words or phases that the majority audience is typing in to get information about something.

But that’s not everything:

A good SEO keywords would be a word or phrase that a lot of people are typing in a search engine but also one that does not have a lot of competition in existing articles, websites, and posts already available on the internet.

A great SEO keyword, will allow you to connect your target audience to your website.

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Why are SEO keywords important?

SEO keywords are very important:

– as a content creator, you need the SEO keywords on your page to be relevant to peoples searches so that they have a better chance of finding your website and your content within the results that they get.

– keywords are also important to allow your content to rank high on search engines to drive organic traffic to your website. Therefore, the choice of keywords that you pick for your content will determine what kind of traffic you will get.

– keywords are also about your readers. You need to understand what type of visitors are you getting to your website and what exactly are they looking for and what kind of language they are using. It could be possible that you might have exactly what they are looking in your content but because you have used slightly different words, they will never land on your page.

– keywords are important to communicate to Google that a website is a match for a query

– keywords help to direct more qualified traffic to your web pages

– keywords can help you rank higher than your competitors

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How To Pick SEO

Let’s look at how to find good SEO keywords:

Step 1 – pick a topic or interest

Pick a topic or interest your want to write about.

Let’s use “SEO keywords” for our example

Step 2 – use google auto complete feature to find related words and phrases

Type SEO Keywords in Google search tool.

Google has an auto-complete feature that provides suggestions to users as they enter their search query into the search box. You can use that to your advantage to find words and phrases when you are doing your research.

We can try other variations. I typed in “how to SEO Keywords” and this is what I got.

Continue doing this until you have a list of possible phrases.

Step 3 – plug the words in a keyword search tool

Take the list of selected phrases and plug them into keywords search tool. I use Jaaxy.

I picked “how to find the best seo keywords”

Step 4 – pick words and phrases that have high traffic values but low competition

We were very lucky, this turns out to be an excellent SEO keyword as it has the following:

– average traffic of 72 ( anything above 40 is good)

– low competition of 30 ( anything above 100 is too high)

– the SEO score is 94

This is an excellent keyword.

Jaaxy also give suggestions.

The second suggestion Jaaxy gave is “how to find good seo keywords”

This is also an excellent keyword:

– average traffic of 80

– low competition of 45

– the SEO score of 94

Step 5 – start writing your post using the key word or phrase

Now you can start writing your post. Make sure you use the chosen SEO keyword in the following fields”

  • in the tile
  • in the URL
  • in the introduction
  • as one of the headings or subheadings
  • use it in an image description
  • in the meta description

Avoid the urge to repeat the keyword too frequently. You definitely do not need to repeat a keyword more often suggested above. If you do, you are risking the content sounding stiff and unnatural.

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In Summary

Keywords are extremely important. Properly chosen SEO keywords will help your blog and website be a success by attracting a lot of qualified traffic.

You can spend little bit of time learning about SEO keywords and how to properly select them and use them, or you can continue creating content without paying any attention to SEO keywords and risking low ranking with Google and other search engines and no visitors to your website.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. I hope you have found it useful. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I could be of further assistance to you. Also, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave it below.

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  1. Sammy Allen says:

    Hi Anna! This was perfect because I was trying to get the question answered about how many times I should use the keyword in my article. 

    The examples you gave were perfect. I’m going to go through my articles now and make sure I have them in those spots but at the same time not spread out everything.

    Wonderful article, thank you.



    1. Anna says:

      Hi Sammy, I’m glad you found this article useful. There are so many different opinions out there and it’s hard to know whom to listen to. I have always opted for my articles to have a natural flow. You have to follow certain rules, but other than that I was always rewarded with a very fast Google indexing, therefore I’m pretty confident that Google and other search engine do not want posts to be unnecessarily stuffed with keywords.

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