How Do People Read Blogs? – A Guide To Successful Blogging

How Do People Read Blogs? - A Guide To Successful Blogging

We put a lot of effort into our blogs and we want our readers to read the content and enjoy it.

But in order to achieve that, we need to spend some time learning and understanding how do people read blogs?

This will be time very well spent.

Give the readers what they are looking for and in the format that is best suited to them, and a success will be guaranteed.

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How Do People Read Blogs?

The first thing you learn when you’re blogging is that people are one click away from leaving you. So you’ve got to get to the point, you can’t waste people’s time, you’ve got to give them some value for their limited attention span. ~Alex Tabarrok

The way people read blogs is different from reading other types of content.

If you want your readers to have a great experience on your blogging website, you need to give them what they want in a format that they prefer.


Most readers skim through a blog post first to quickly see if the post will give them what they are looking for.

Having that understanding, you can structure your blog so that it gives enough information to entice the reader to read the post. You can do the following to achieve that:

  • use clear and interesting headings and subheadings
  • use attractive and relevant visual aids – people like pictures and visual arts
  • have an appropriate size and type of a font – easy to read
  • clear design with a lot of white space

Writing The Perfect Blog Post

To write the perfect blog post, you have to give your readers what they cam for. Use the below list to guide you in writing the perfect blog post.

  • naturally written content – you are not writing an English essay – write the way you would talk
  • emotinally written content – to create interest use emotional language
  • stong and interesting opening – your opening paragraph has to be investing enough to get your readers to want to read more
  • clear angle – pick an interesting angle and stick to it
  • clear main point – make your main point is clear
  • perfect title – have a direct but enticing title

Understand Your Niche

Take the time to understand your niche and the information that the readers in your niche are looking for.

  • visit forums related to your niche
  • joing networking groups for your niche (Facebook, twitter, etc)
  • pay attention to the comments on your posts, listen to your readers
  • ask your readers
  • subscribe to Medium, Pocket, it will tell you what is trending

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Blog Post Formats

Every time you post something online, you have a choice. You can either make it something that adds to the happiness levels in the world—or you can make it something that takes away. ~Zoe Sugg

Choosing the appropriate format for your blog post is very important in order to give your readers a great experience and the information that they are looking for. Below as the most common blog posts formats.

1. The Listicle Post Format

In this post format, the content is organized in a list format. They are a great format for beginners as they follow a straight formula. Regardless of their potential for a low quality content, the listicle template, if done right, is great for posts including tips, tactics, ideas, etc. Your readers will love them only if they contain high quality content.

2. The How-To Post Format

This post format includes step-by-step instructions on how to do something.

This is a very popular blog post format especially for business bloggers. It is education in nature and if done with quality content, it will generate great traffic.

This format works very well if it’s supported by visual aids. You are teaching or instructing your readers on how to do something so a visual aid or a video would be a great supplement to your post.

3. A Detailed Case Study Post Format

This post format demonstrates that you can solve a problem and showcases the results you can deliver.

The following component should be included the template:

  • interesting title – keep it simple and short
  • basic background information including the description of the challenge
  • describe the solution to the challenge
  • Share the results and the value they provided
  • elaborotate the accomplishments ( what have you done and how)
  • use quotes and visuals

4. A Product/Service Review Post Format

Product/services reviews post formats educate readers and motivate them to make a purchasing decision.

A typical review post format includes the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Product Specifications
  • What is the Product?
  • Who Created the Product?
  • How Does the Product Work?
  • What Do You Get With the Product?
  • What Did I Think of the Product? (This is the most important section now and you should aim to be as detailed as possible about WHAT YOU THINK).
  • Product Pros.
  • Product Cons.
  • Conclusion

5. Entertaining Post Format

The best way to have your readers come back for more it to entertain them by making them laugh. You don’t have to be a comedian to do that, you can refer to funny stories, or search the internet for clever jokes. If you can prompt a chuckle or two from your readers, chances are they will come back for more.

You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free. ~David Meerman Scott

There are other blogging formats but those five are the most popular and proven to be successful.

As you become more experienced blogger, you will develop your one format and style. You will learn what works for your readers and what doesn’t but in the meantime it is beneficial to follow tested techniques and styles.

Understanding how people read blogs is crucial to be able to tailor to their needs.

I hope you have enjoyed the article. I hope you have found it useful in your blogging journey.

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your questions, comments and suggestions below.

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