How To Stay Focused On Your Blog

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It’s been a couple or several months since you have started your blogging website. This is a big achievement and you should congratulate yourself. You have learned so much and your writing is improving with every article that you post. This is very exciting and it feels really good. But there comes a point where the intense focus will start to fade away. For some it will be couple of months, for others it will be several months but there will come a point where the mental fatigue will take its toll and your focus will start shifting to other …

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What Is A Great Leader? – How To Be One Without Authority

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We have all had people in our lives that we consider great leaders. And in contrast, most of us dealt with people that we considered terrible leaders. Great leaders have the power to change people’s lives. And who wouldn’t want that? Who does not want to be an inspiration in other people’s lives? But to do that, first we need to ask: What is a great leader? How can we become one when we do not have the formal authority? How can we become an inspirational leader to people that do not report to us? Related: How To Start A …

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Dealing With Toxic Work Environment – The Hard Truth

big figure crashing small figures with a leg. Dealing With Toxic Work Environment - The Hard Truth

You just got a new job. You are very excited and looking forward to the new opportunity. You go in on the first day, and right from the start you sense something is off. Everyone is nice to you but you can tell there is something not quite right. You can’t put your finger on it, you can only sense it. You don’t want to admit it just yet, because who wants to deal with that kind of disappointment within the first few days of stating your new job? Over the next few weeks or months, your disappointment will get …

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Starting Online Blog? – And How To Stay Sane

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I started my blog because I was bored. From day one I got extremely excited and passionate about this new journey. The platform that I chose to try it out offered a trial period with a great training. I created my new website on day one of the training by following simple instructions. This is the day when my obsession started. For about a month I was living and breathing my new blogging website. It was then, I realized that this new passion has the ability to make me go insane. I forced myself to find a way to create …

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How To Increase Personal Productivity?

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Another day went by and you are left with a list of uncompleted tasks. You feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Do you sometimes wish there were more hours in a day so that you could accomplish more? Yes, I do too. Well, we can’t increase the hours in a day but we can look at how to increase personal productivity and as a result be more efficient and achieve more. Let’s start with the importance of personal productivity. The Importance Of Personal Productivity “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be …

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How To Do Quality Research For Your Blog Content

a person doing research with right hand typing on a laptop and left hand holding a notebook

Have you ever been stuck when writing a blog post? That feeling of frustration and unease looming over as the publishing deadline approaches. You head over to Google with the intention of doing research but all you seem to find is just the same information written hundreds and thousands time over with different words, colors, and fonts. That’s not what you want for your post. You want to be different and unique. You want to help someone that is looking for an answer. You want to provide the best advice possible not just a different version of what’s already there. …

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Organizing Your Home Office Ideas – That Inspire Productivity

Organizing Your Home Office Ideas

Whether you have a home based business or you are temporarily working from home, if you can learn how to design a home office space that inspires productivity, it will make it easier to achieve your goals. Let’s explore organizing your home office ideas that will motivate you to do a better job and spark new excitement. Organizing Your Home Office- No More Excuses I know what you are thinking… I wish I had a spare room that I could use for my home office…. I wish I had a bigger place… I wish I had a better view… But …

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Are Blogs Still Popular? – Should I Start Blogging?

Are Blogs Still Popular?

If you are thinking about starting a blog and are wondering are blogs still popular, then let me put your mind at ease right here and right now. Blogs are still very popular however the way people read blogs has changed drastically. Let’s examine the current trends and what do readers want in a blog post to want to read them. But first… What Is Blog And Blogging? “Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.” – Paulo Coelho A blog is a website published on the internet and available to …

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Is An Entrepreneur Born Or Made?

Is An Entrepreneur Born Or Made?

Everywhere we look we see self-proclaimed successful entrepreneurs. Have you ever wondered if you could be one of them? Have you wondered: is an entrepreneur born or made? And if you have wondered, then you have probably asked what ate the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur and whether you have what it takes to become one? Let’s look at each question individually and dive in. What’s An Entrepreneur? The definition of an entrepreneur is someone who starts and runs a business. An entrepreneur assumes financial and other risks associated with running a business. This definition is very broad and is …

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I Just Lost My Job, What Now? And Why That Might Be A Good Thing

I Just Lost My Job, What Now?

I just lost my job, what now? Most likely you are on an emotional roller coaster right now. Your feelings are ranging from disbelief, shock, fear, lost of identity, anxiety, anger to sadness, grief and stress. First, you need to understand that what you are feeling right now is very normal and you need to give yourself time to process those intense emotions. This is going to be a process and you will be going through various stages. This stage might not be very pleasant but it is needed to start properly healing and moving on. But also, deep down, …

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