Effective Delegation Tips – Delegating For Dynamic Results

Effective Delegation Tips - Delegating For Dynamic Results

If you are like most people, delegation does not come easy to you. There are various reasons for that, we will explore them shortly. But the delegation process, if correctly executed, will allow for an integration and effective use of a variety of resources to accomplish an objective. You can take the guess work out of the process by following the effective delegation tips below to achieve dynamic results. By following our tips and steps, you can become an expert in delegation. What is Delegation? “If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you …

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How To Get More Traffic On A Blog?

traffic to my blog, How To Get More Traffic On A Blog?

Whether you are new to blogging or you had your blogging website for a while, you are most likely asking yourself this questions often; how to get more traffic on a blog? To provide a meaningful answer to that questions, we first need to go back to the basics. We need to look at the following: Why do people read blogs in the first place How do people read blogs Why you have started a blog in the first place? Where do we go from here? Related: How To Stay Focused On Your Blog   Why Do People Read Blogs? …

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Why Do I Hate My Job So Much?

Why Do I Hate My Job So Much, keyboard, get me out of here, mouse

Most of us have been there once or twice in our lives where we asked ourselves why do I hate my job so much? But since you have asked that question, we better explore further. Let’s look at the following: – Possible reasons for hating your job – Is this temporary or a long term feeling – What can we do about it Life is too short and we spend a lot of time at work. Let’s not waste another second of our life in a job that we hate. Let’s dig deep to see where this takes us. Related: …

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What Is Relaxed Productivity? – And How To Achieve It?

What Is Relaxed Productivity?

We all wish we could be more productive. We all want to feel the satisfaction of achieving more in shorter amount of time. But on the days when we do manage to be very productive, instead of feeling satisfaction, we end up feeling totally drained and not even able to enjoy the sense of increased productivity. Why is that? Well, because in our attempt to being more productive we neglect a very important aspect. We forget the “how”. The “how” of achieving increased productivity. Relaxed productivity takes this into consideration. So, what is relaxed productivity? And how can we achieve …

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How To Blog With Integrity?

coffee cup, laptop, purple flower, integrity, How To Blog With Integrity?

As human beings we find ourselves in situations where we have a choice to act with integrity. Being a blogger is no different from any other profession. How you choose to portray yourself through your writing and through your action is really up to you. However, I do think that being a blogger presents more opportunities to not act with integrity. Let’s discuss how to blog with integrity when there are many temptations all around us. In the end, your blog website represents who you are. How do you want to be portrayed by your readers? Do you want them …

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How To Stay Focused On Your Blog

camera lenses, hand, gold light in the background

It’s been a couple or several months since you have started your blogging website. This is a big achievement and you should congratulate yourself. You have learned so much and your writing is improving with every article that you post. This is very exciting and it feels really good. But there comes a point where the intense focus will start to fade away. For some it will be couple of months, for others it will be several months but there will come a point where the mental fatigue will take its toll and your focus will start shifting to other …

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What Is A Great Leader? – How To Be One Without Authority

person helping another person climb up the mountain, sunset

We have all had people in our lives that we consider great leaders. And in contrast, most of us dealt with people that we considered terrible leaders. Great leaders have the power to change people’s lives. And who wouldn’t want that? Who does not want to be an inspiration in other people’s lives? But to do that, first we need to ask: What is a great leader? How can we become one when we do not have the formal authority? How can we become an inspirational leader to people that do not report to us? Related: How To Start A …

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Dealing With Toxic Work Environment – The Hard Truth

big figure crashing small figures with a leg. Dealing With Toxic Work Environment - The Hard Truth

You just got a new job. You are very excited and looking forward to the new opportunity. You go in on the first day, and right from the start you sense something is off. Everyone is nice to you but you can tell there is something not quite right. You can’t put your finger on it, you can only sense it. You don’t want to admit it just yet, because who wants to deal with that kind of disappointment within the first few days of stating your new job? Over the next few weeks or months, your disappointment will get …

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Starting Online Blog? – And How To Stay Sane

girl in a green t-shirt, face in her hands, surrendered by fire flames, stressed, burnout, insane

I started my blog because I was bored. From day one I got extremely excited and passionate about this new journey. The platform that I chose to try it out offered a trial period with a great training. I created my new website on day one of the training by following simple instructions. This is the day when my obsession started. For about a month I was living and breathing my new blogging website. It was then, I realized that this new passion has the ability to make me go insane. I forced myself to find a way to create …

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How To Pick SEO Keywords – A Guide For New Bloggers

laptop on a desk with pens containers on both sides, 7 sticky notes on the wall behind listing SEO features

When I first decided to start my blogging website, I had no idea the steep learning curve that will occur. I just assumed that I will happily write about subjects and topics that interest me and others will gladly read it. Oh boy, was I ever wrong? One of the first things that I had to learn was how to pick SEO keywords so that my posts would be indexed and then rank high in the search engines. I was very lucky indeed, as the platform that I chose to start my logging website with has an excellent training teaching …

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