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Welcome to the New Perspective Consultants website. My name is Anna and I am the founder of New Perspective Consultants.

My Back Story

For too many years I lived the typical life. I followed the safe but boring path to success. And it kind of worked, as I have achieved many goals and successes except they didn’t give me any satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness. It wasn’t until my life turned upside down and I lost nearly everything that I worked so diligently for, that I was forced to look at alternative ways of living.

Looking back, that devastating time in my life was the best thing that happened to me. I fell really low but that gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my entire life. I examined my existing values and found that a lot of them were outdated and didn’t lead anywhere.

In the end, I was forced to try something new. I realized that I did not want a typical job where I work for someone else. Not because I’m lazy, but because quite the opposite is true. I am very dedicated and hardworking. None of those attributed were really fully utilized or appreciated in my previous jobs.

When I started my own online business, I was able to use those and other attributes to be successful. I also realized that we all have many skills and abilities that are underutilized and not appreciated in our current jobs. I was lucky, I found a way and a good platform to guide me through the process of establishing a successful online business.

Now that I tried that for myself, I want to help so many other ones that have lost their jobs or that feel trapped in their current dead end jobs.

Exploring Endless Possibilites

I think most people realize that some sort of online business is the way to go these days. As the world was crippled by the recent pandemic, more than ever the internet became the means to live many aspects of our lives. However, if you have ever tried to do a simple research on any type of worked from home, or internet business, the results are just overwhelming.

I got lucky. One thing led to another and I found an amazing platform that allowed me to achieve my dreams. I am so grateful and I want to pay it forward by sharing what I have learned and letting people know that they can do it too. The internet is big enough for me and you and a million other people to have a successful online business by helping meet other people’s needs.

I want you to feel how I feel: excited, satisfied, fulfilled, happy. I want to help you get excited about a new challenge in your life or help you leave that job that you are wasting your talents at.

I Want To Share The Good News

The goal of this website is to help you become excited again. I want to share my experiences with other people and hopefully let them see that there are endless opportunities out there. I want to be a resource to you; a place where people can ask questions and get honest answers.

Let’s work together.

Let’s help each other.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of New Perspective Consultants




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